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Cellar and tasting near Troyes

Tasting and advice

Explosion !

You just removed the cap.Suddenly everyone is silent and all eyes focus on you.

Effervescence :

It is not that people are staring, but the "magic touch" of champagne that fills the glass with a rustle of bubbles twirling and everyone’s eyes already start to sparkle seeing the golden rays reflected by this "pleasure trigger" bubbles that start dancing in the flute.

Inspiration :

The twirling of bubbles almost hypnotises the gaze, you absolutely have to bring your nose closer as this unbroken line of bubbles unveil aromas that trigger your memories..


From then on, the bursting of bubbles touching your lips becomes "the accelerator of pleasure". At the same time, your taste buds vivify the aromas and the mind; the flavours of the liquid amplify to reach this climax which gently calms down and everything harmonises in an intense well-being.

You are no longer there, your guests have been monopolised by this pleasure. Leave them to this rare moment, the next time they taste this champagne, it's you they will remember.

Champagne invites you to all the dimensions of pleasure.

Cave et dégustation près de Troyes

What to pair our champagne with?

Cave et dégustation près de Troyes

Rosé Champagne

  • With lobster (including American style)
  • With mixed desserts cakes + cold cakes
  • Soup of wild strawberries or strawberries gariguettes.


Blanc de Blanc

  • As an appetiser (except with hot pastries)
  • With seafood
  • With cold fish
  • With some desserts such as Pears Belle-Hélène.

Blanc de Noirs and Traditional

  • Appetiser
  • With appetisers such as terrines, gallantines ...
  • Foie gras and pan-fried (including for reduction of foie gras)
  • In the evening


Ageing and conservation

  • The majority of the ageing is already carried out in our cellars. Keeping the bottles lying down keeps the cork moistened, guaranteeing the waterproofed and micro-exchanges cork/exterior favouring the maturation of the wine.
  • Put the bottles to chill (refrigerator) preferably 24 hours before consumption to uncork the champagne between 5 and 7 ° C. Caution – the glasses are often warm, do not serve long in advance to take advantage of the progressive development of the aroma throughout the heating and the evolution of gas.
Cave et dégustation près de Troyes

Are you considering to buy quality champagne bottles?

Visit us at BENOÎT TASSIN CHAMPAGNE, located in Celles-sur-Ource, near Troyes and Bar-sur-Seine.

A craft of passion

The satisfaction of our customers entails a series of cultural sharing, discovery and tasting of our champagne bottles. We offer our visitors a tour of our wine cellars and our bottle museum. The explanations we provide throughout your visit testify to the quality of our products. We have champagne rosé, Coteaux champenois Rouge and Blanc de Blancs. To improve our production, we also constantly improve our techniques, all the while respecting of tradition.

We offer a choice of quality champagnes

Dégustation et vente de champagne Celles-sur-Ource

Why choose our champagnes?

Dégustation et vente de champagne Bar-sur-Seine

We have been in the business for 8 generations. The experiences of our predecessors have thus served as a stepping stone for us to improve our products and satisfy more and more customers. With our independent vineyard quality, the BENOÎT TASSIN CHAMPAGNE guarantees you the mastery of all manufacturing stages. With its magical flavours and aromas that vivify your taste buds and your spirit, your ceremonies will be marked by unique moments, especially when you remove the cap from the bottle.

Our experience is the guarantee of our products’ quality