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Museum of the old bottle in Celles-sur-Ource

Evolution de la bouteille

The museum of old bottles from the 18th century to the present day

Composed of locally collected bottles, this museum evokes the evolution of the Champagne bottle, its forms, and the successive technical adaptations which led to the control of the effervescence, from the still troubled champagne with the uncertain fizzling of royal courts, to the regular and clear effervescence of the "Champagne method".

You will first discover the explanation of the changes of champagne bottle shape over time, determined by the oenological and technical advances in the particular manufacture of this exceptional wine. Even the talented glassmakers had difficulties to follow these developments, as the technical requirements in terms of solidity or storage were high with bottles still blown by mouth. Oenological and glass technique have lined up and evolved together to culminate in this famous "champenoise method". Consider that this method allows for each of the 300 million bottles tasted each year to produce its own fermentation and develop its own aromas on this bed of yeasts that it produces itself, and with a regularity that reflects the mastery reached by the champagne producers. It is also the internal pressure produced by each bottle that allows the producers to eliminate the deposit of yeast, a technique that the champagne has invented and improved also with the help of glassmakers.

The function of the bottle has itself changed over the years:

The first function was only dedicated to the service of wine, coming out of the barrel or the amphora to bring it to the table, with the advantage that glass is the only neutral material with regard to wine.

A second function will be added to the first with the desire to improve the quality of wine in the long term, that of conservation as from the fifteenth century, but especially in the seventeenth century with the improvement of glass techniques. Incidentally, this function will allow the discovery of champagne which will add its ultimate function to the bottle, that of making the wine in the bottle and thus enabling to reach the ultimate quality of the effervescence champenoise.

You can follow this evolution with the comment of the chronological exposure.

Displays with themes concerning the other domestic uses of the bottle that disappeared today, for drinks or liquids, will allow you to make comparisons.

Finally, you can also discover some rarities, such as the famous 18th century barley flutes, the first glasses for champagne tasting, the first sealed "1 litre" bottles of the 19th century, or the bottle that a talented master glassmaker artist reproduced a cicada in relief instead of the seal (late 18th century).

You are a champagne enthusiast, and you want to know more about this drink?

Visit the BENOÎT TASSIN CHAMPAGNE museum of the old champagne bottle, located in Celles-sur-Ource, near Troyes and Bar-sur-Seine.

Discovering our old bottles

The effervescence and the rustling of the champagne bubbles result from a study and experience forged over the centuries. The shape and size of the bottle have undergone technical adaptations to obtain this "touch of magic" which can only delight the guests. At the old champagne bottle museum BENOÎT TASSIN CHAMPAGNE, you will find different kinds of bottles, dating back from the eighteenth century to the present day. We offer a guided tour of our cellars, followed by a tasting of the best local champagnes.

Ancient bottles: witnesses to the champagne history

Musée de la bouteille de champagne Celles-sur-Ource

Sharing of passion

Musée de la bouteille de champagne Bar-sur-Seine

We share with you our passion for champagne and its conservation techniques. Tourists, hikers, individuals or restaurateurs: you will be welcome in our establishment. The visit of our museum will be for you a moment of discovery to know more about this drink, combining freshness and nobility. We also offer the sale and tasting of champagne. Give us your orders, and we will take care of selecting the best bottles of our cellars!

We offer you a moment of sharing and discovery