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75 cl BRUT Tradition at 22€

75 cl BRUT Tradition 22€

Balanced between 7 different counties, predominantly pinot noir but also integrating a share of white grapes and wines of previous years, we are looking at this vintage to maintain the style of our house.

Also available in half dry.

"For your festive cocktail parties"

75 cl BRUT Blanc de noirs at 24€

75 cl BRUT Blanc de noirs 24€

Blanc de Noirs Vintage: 100 % Pinot Noir

Elaborated from pinot noir, this champagne comes from 4 to 5 counties expressing at best the characteristics of this grape variety on our soil at each harvest.

Also available in Magnum.

"For your evening heritage discoveries"

75 cl BRUT Rosé at 26€

75 cl BRUT Rosé 26€

This champagne is singularly distinguished from rosés of assemblages. It is made according to a family method by short vatting of fine pinot noirs, until obtaining the famous "taste of the rosé".

We rely on this method to reaffirm the aromas of the Pinot Noir fruit on a supple and rich structure in the mouth.

"For your evenings tasting"

150 cl BRUT Magnum Blanc de noirs at 46€

3 bottles box at 74€

Prices and carriage paid are only valid for mainland France and Corsica.


Each of our productions is oriented as from the size of the vineyard, to affirm the character of the terroir, such as the exposure of such varietal and thus focus on its final destination: vintage monocépage, blend, Rosé ...

Hence work and passion unite for months to make a grape into Champagne.

"Then we trust our beautiful terroir,

These champagne hills that inspired Renoir,

And in the sun of which he took as model

Her beautiful Gabrielle! "

Benoit Tassin Champagne Celles sur Ource
Benoit Tassin Champagne Celles sur Ource
  • Cellophane wrap to limit transport shocks
  • Opening tab
  • Carton handle
  • Resistant glass 94% UV
  • Bouchon Spark
  • Cold wine